The Essential Müd Wellies Festival Guide: Lots of ideas to help you have the best experience this summer season

The Essential Müd Wellies Festival Guide: Lots of ideas to help you have the best experience this summer season
March 8, 2018 Janaya
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Summer Loving Festivals

It’s our most exciting time of year- sun, music and escaping reality! But with festival season in full swing over in Oceania, and fast approaching in Europe and the UK, there is never a better time to make sure you’re sorted if you have a festival booked up this summer!

So you have your ticket, you have your glitter, and you have your wellies of course (or gumboots as Kiwi’s like to call them!). But don’t go rushing off to have the time of your life without reading our essential Müd Wellies festival guide!

First things first, we have put together the most vital basics that any welly festival goer can’t leave without!

Starting the day out right

Suntan lotion – For the obvious. Pink and swollen is not a good look. Slap it on! Also great for glitter to stick to!

Tissue packs – These are far easier and tidier to wander with than toilet paper-which you will become to need in one of those delightful portaloos!

Hand sanitizer – Another great little item to pop in your bumbag! Don’t rely on soap being readily available. This just makes things a little bit better when it’s not.

Water/FoodAnything you bring into a festival normally needs to be packaged, and unopened. Take large plastic water bottles you can refill yourself and always leave one in the tent to prevent dehydration. Dry snacks such as muesli bars, crisps and crackers will all keep well throughout the weekend. Keep fruit in a shady part of your camp.  Be wary of chocolate, chocolate melts. And makes a hell of a mess once opened…

For later on in the festivities

Foldaway Chair – There will be a time after a day or night of dancing in your wellies that your crew will head back to base. Don’t be caught out without a chair to relax in. The rule is if you bought it- it’s always your right to sit in! They may be hard to bring and another thing to carry but trust me… it’s a must!

Portable Phone Charger – We don’t just use our phones these days for just calling or texting if we get lost or need to find the group, but it’s our camera of videos, selfies and magic moments. These make your phone die quicker, so take one and click away!

Air bed – Is my number one choice. Yoga Mat second-whatever you can fit. Rolling into your tent at the end of the night, wellies still on, costume half off and finding the floor rock hard- and often freezing will not make you a happy camper!  Without a mat or air bed, the ground will suck the heat out of your body, and give you the worst nights sleep ever. Leave it behind, trust me, you will seriously regret it!

Torch – A head torch is best, in our experience. That drunken walk through the vast array of colourful fabric dwellings can turn into a nightmare without light. And no one likes a homewrecker within the festival family!

What to wear to a festival

Now we have the essentials packed- what to wear!!!!

From a practical point of view, jean shorts and skirts are great for when it’s hot, but can easily be worn with a pair of tights, or lycra leggings for when the temperature drops.

Loose-fitting cotton tops and dresses are light to pack and can be worn nicely with a chunky knit cardigan for later in the day. They are also easier to dry too should the heavens open whilst in the middle of a mosh pit!

Head Scarves are another great accessory that hides unwashed, unruly hair after the first day. A good baseball cap is another winner with us! And don’t forget your sunglasses!

Depending on the type of festival you are planning on going to, there maybe costumes required. Check out the theme and plan on easy to put on/take off. Any colourful accessories are a must; feathers, beads, bangles, flowers- the brighter the better, and works perfectly with your bright Müd Wellies.  Don’t take anything that’s of high value to you. Your tent is not safe and there are unfortunately thieves. A festival may have lockers to hire but for the sake of a few days leave them at home.

Don’t forget!

Waterproof clothing Wellies are naturally essential for our precious dancing feet but more often than not it WILL RAIN. Be prepared and take a poncho, fancy umbrella, or anorak!

Bumbag – No one likes dancing with a crowd of oversized backpacks, or with tote handbags smacking into you. Be smart, and keep your coin, your tissues and glitter all in a safe small place, zipped up!

Flip Flops/ Jandals – Rain or shine, it will probably get hot! There’s nothing worse than sweaty feet on a boiling hot day and all you brought footwear wise was wellies. Yes, we love our wellies too, but give your feet some air and freedom.

So Welly lovers, you are now all set! A simple bit of planning and the whole experience will be so much more! Eat, drink, sing, dance and then repeat!

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